Be, Embody & Express your Self!


Personal Embodiment Sessions

One-hour sessions for you to explore how you can bring Your Presence and Gifts into the World.


You are never "too old" to be vibrantly your Self. Have Purpose. Embody your unique wholeness. Free yourself from conditioning, trauma, anything that diverts you from being fully You. Explore ways to be deliciously in relationship with yourself, others, our culture. Enable ease and vitality in your Life. Inspire yourself. Attract & Deepen relationships/partnership. Shift from a Scarcity to Abundance profile. Develop practices for wellbeing, balance, authentic expression.


Whatever is calling to be birthed discover its Way.

Being an Older is not a limitation, it is the Resource for your Unfolding & Natural Expansion.

1-hour session: $125 

In-person or video chat

Retreats & Workshops

In-person and Virtual Events will be posted here


Custom Workshop, Retreat, Speaking

Have a group you'd like to inspire around Aging? Femininity? Sensuality? Rediscovering, Embodying & Expressing your YOU?

Contact Sharah to customize a live or virtual event.