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Sharon Saltzgiver


Even before the cancer and divorce, the niggling had morphed into a nudge and then a shrieeeek.

Those two events along with my kids going to college squashed me flat. Who was this stage of my this age?

Everything was in flux, but the one thing that'd become super clear was that, whatever it took, I was going to live the rest of this life's time fully, steadfastly, delectably as my real self.

It's been a wild, fascinating, tough, crazy twirl back to my soul, but worth every misstep and sashay.

Born in '61, I've done a lot of different stuff: dancer, bond analyst, co-life coach with my herd of horses, wife, mother, author, TV/radio guest...but through it all my core me has been here, waiting for me to come home. To have my Doing come from my Being instead of the other way around.

Book in the works. Podcast here on site, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play, and iTunes. Posts on Instagram & Facebook. Sensu Dance videos on YouTube. Merchandise in 2020. Please contact me if you'd like an article written, interview, speaking, or media appearance.

Love. Peace. Joy! for You, for me, for ALL